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The Dustland runs on Gear. Collect. Craft. Survive.

A powerful solar flare scorched Earth - the Dustland was born. Those who survived are scattered across its hostile landscape, and resources are scarce.

Finding and crafting valuable Gear is the first step of survival.

Gear is valuable. Gear is yours.

Gear helps you navigate the harsh terrain of Dustland.

They earn more rewards, offer perks, and grant access to unique game modes.

However, all Gear is not made equal. Rarer the Gear, the higher its maximum level and perk potential.

A player’s Gear is valuable and can be minted as an NFT to be sold or traded.

Craft the Gear you need. Upgrade the Gear you want.

Materials are needed to craft new Gear and upgrade existing ones, but you’ll require a Floppy Disk first.

Floppy Disks are very rare but can be found during missions, if you’re lucky.

Collect, craft and upgrade Gear to create your own powerful, personalised loadout.

Plan ahead. Use Energy wisely.

The secret to surving in the Dustland is to strategise your run. Plan for what you need and spend your Energy wisely.

Some missions will provide greater benefits than others. Keep an eye out for special rewards, but be quick they won’t last long.

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